Openbox Challenge – Day #1

Note: I am sorry but the openbox repository I created for this challenge doesn’t exist anymore. But you can still read the challenge, there is some relevant information out there.

I chose to start this new ‘challenges’ column with the openbox window manager. I’m not sure if I will continue this project, but I’ll try to. Also, you’ll notice I’m writing all of my posts in English, from now on.

So, this will be a both a big review and a opportunity to describe how pleasant — or painful — a life with this WM can be.

For starters,

Then I notice I got a completely blank screen. Hum… I’m likely in the right way. A quick right click in the darkness shows the classic openbox menu. It is very similar to the fluxbox one which I’m used to.

The first thing I did was to install the tint2 panel. It is really simple and fits well with the openbox philosophy and look & feel.

The first thing I did later was to open the tint2conf program, then added the battery indicator to the tint panel.

My startup programs I’m used to simply don’t start automagically anymore. I’ll have to figure out how to add them to the openbox startup file (this is pretty easy, I guess, but I’ll do it tomorrow).

I’ve launched a Konsole window from the menu (because this was the only terminal emulator in the list that I had installed). Usually I launch lxterminal, but it wasn’t there (not yet).

From there, I’ve used fbrun (from Fluxbox) to launch some utilities, like firefox, netbeans and other stuff I’m using now.

I’ve got myself comfortable in this process. I have so much to work (and figure) out there, but I think I’ll like openbox.

Tomorrow plans:

  • customize my startup file
  • customize the wallpaper (because a completely black one sucks)
  • apply my GTK themes to openbox (or find a new one)

As a bonus, here is a screenshot (got with scrot):

(OK, the background is not really black…compare the “blackness” of Konsole to it. But it is dark =p)

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6 thoughts on “Openbox Challenge – Day #1

  1. Hi nice article!
    Some nice tools are menumaker and synapse. Menumaker generates an openbox menu automatically containing (mostly) all your installed apps. Run it each time you install an app.
    Synapse is an app launcher like gnome-do and launchy. I find it very fast and easy to use – a must have!
    Also, to autostart apps in openbox create a file called autostart (no extension) in ~/.config/openbox/
    Then add some commands eg tint2 &
    Don’t forget the &
    Good luck with openbox!


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