Russian / Ukrainian music

Recently I’ve fallen in love with a set of Russian and Ukrainian music, mostly pop, dance, R&B and hip-hop. This post aims to contain a small (but updated on-the-fly) index of artists, duos and bands with the purpose of representativeness and to provide the reader a good starting point to know what I’m talking about.

Note:, YouTube and Spotify are good resources to find out more information about them. VK also seems to be a pretty popular Russian social network, and discogs contains a good catalogue / index (Discogs is to artists and tracks what Goodreads is to authors and books).

Note: the order of the following list does not necessarily imply preference, although Nyusha is definitely my preferred one.


  1. Нюша / Nyusha:
  2. Тамерлан И Алена / Tamerlan & Alena :
  3. Полина Гагарина / Polina Gagarina:
  4. Artik & Asti:
  5. Elvira T:
  6. Потап И Настя Каменских / Potap and Nastya Kamenskih
  7. Алсу / Alsou:


  • Akinator managed to find out, after ~60 questions, that I was thinking on Nyusha.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 01.01.22.png

  • Nyusha participates in the Russian version of The Voice Kids.
  • Polina Gagarina participates in the Russian version of The Voice.
Russian / Ukrainian music