[mini] Hello, Rust! #1.5 – Random links

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I’ve collected a few links and resources about the language in those last days. So this is just a small “flush” from my personal links and notes into an organized post.

  • http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Rust: Rosetta is a nice place to compare several programming languages, and to discover new ones too. However, I’ve found out that it is a poor place to learn about Rust in general, because most of the code in there is written in versions of Rust pre-1.0, which means that many of them don’t (won’t) compile with the current version family of Rust (1.x).
  • https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9711367: a pretty typical Hacker News thread. Nice comments about Rust (despite of the topic being about Golang).
  • http://arewewebyet.com/: well, Rust intends to be programmable for the Web a day. After all, Mozilla sponsors it…[1]. I don’t expect Rust to be like Rails or Python in the future in the field of web programming; instead, it will become probably something along the lines of Go.
  • http://chrismorgan.info/blog/rust-fizzbuzz.html: this article introduces a few features about the Rust compiler. It is a good read for a typical C++ programmer. Some things in the language won’t work as expected.
  • https://graydon2.dreamwidth.org/214016.html: a glance about Rust evolution over the years.
  • http://siciarz.net/24-days-rust-cargo-and-cratesio/: this guy did a series of posts about Rust, something like what I’m doing right now. However, this is from pre-1.0 — older versions of Rust [2].
  • https://github.com/phildawes/racer: autocompletion for your favorite text editor. It is in beta stage and does not work with a simple ‘git clone’, so I’m skipping it for now. You can test ‘cargo’ (see the previous post) with this crate, for example, to search for it or to build a release from it.
  • https://github.com/brson/multirust: a tool to manage  multiple versions of rust. Ruby users might find this familiar (rbenv, rvm).
  • https://github.com/kud1ing/awesome-rust: an [pretty tipical] awesome list of resources about Rust.

Thanks Francisco and Vinicus for a few of those links.

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  • [1]: technically, it is not because of this fact; however, it contributes too.
  • [2]: also, I probably won’t write too many posts as him, as the objective is just to get an overview of the language.
[mini] Hello, Rust! #1.5 – Random links

Links são o terror

A World Wide Web é enorme. Repleta de links. Clica aqui. Ops, mais links. Mais links ainda. Cliques. AaaaaAAAAaaAA…..

E se você quiser gerenciar e guardar alguns desses links? Quais são suas opções? E se alguns links são arquivo morto, outros são lançadores, páginas que você acessa com certa frequência, e se outros são parte de um trabalho, e assim por diante? O que pode ser feito para gerenciar isso tudo? Esse post é uma coleção de ideias que podem ser úteis para realizar um gerenciamento eficiente (porém simples!!) de links e de referências na Web, as quais coletei e aperfeiçoei pelo menos durante 3 anos.

Todos os itens a seguir foram usados por mim por um bom tempo; alguns eu abandonei, outros eu utilizo até hoje, uns mais, outros menos. Essas ideias estão acompanhadas de uma pequena descrição e mais a minha opinião / experiência de uso.

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Links são o terror