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TL;DR: Google Docs Form.

Dear reader, this place reached more than a year of existence, and this is a milestone I never dreamed of. I always thought that I would only blog for a few months (weeks, for that matter!). However, here I (still) am.

I’m always emphasizing that this is a personal blog, therefore its posts are not necessarily optimized to please you — they are optimized to be clear, reflecting my thoughts as precisely as possible. Yet here are almost 10k views. Views are not super important because I don’t win anything with ads (on purpose), but they of course motivate me to continue to write here.

Now, as you are with me, I decided it would be a good idea to listen to you. There is this google docs form, where you can say things you like and things you dislike on this blog, and also suggest future topics and criticize me^^. If you have some time, please respond it [if you want]. Thanks!

M-x review-this-blog

Serendipity…why not?

Today I’m switching the main language of this (we)blog from Portuguese to English. To make this change consistent, I’ve also changed its title, from “O que venho aprendendo” to “Everyday Serendipity”. I love(d) this title. Just thought of it today, while in the bus. It has everything to do with me (that doesn’t mean you should brute force my passwords with this word…), and I was searching for something that would represent me since the first day I created a post here. But I could only discover it now. Here is the Wikipedia article about serendipity.

Main reasons for that change of languages include but are not limited to:

  • I have more visitors from outside than inside of Brazil;
  • Most of the brazilian people that I know who read this blog understand english anyways (but the converse is not true);
  • After writing in English for a while, I’ve finally managed to increase my confidence in the language and practice it more and more, so why not continue it here?
  • Most of what I write here is usually inspired by other blogs or sources also written in English

So, this change looks pretty natural to me. This doesn’t mean I won’t write in portuguese anymore. I might do it. Anytime.

I am also thinking about doing the same thing with my English speaking…that is, I might create videocasts in English about a subject that I know reasonably well (such as…Emacs or Arch Linux look like good candidates). What do you think about it?

We’ll see what will happen. Thanks for reading.

Serendipity…why not?