Everyday Podcasting – #2

Continuation of this post.

Nothing fancy, really. Just to say that Bad Voltage is the most awesome podcast in the planet. Period. And goodbye.

Everyday Podcasting – #2

Everyday Podcasting – #1

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. In this post I’ll be talking a little about how I got to know them.

I still remember when I first listened to a podcast. I had a Nokia E63 (Symbian 3rd Edition) smartphone, with its ~250MB of RAM and its QWERTY keyboard. Oh, it was so nice. I owned it for more than 2 years, until it got stolen. It was really cool to try to find .sys and .sysx apps for it, because the Ovi Store was such a crappy thing.

It had a integrated podcast manager (podcatcher). I always tried to explore almost of all the options from my devices, so I got curious about it and searched for a few podcasts.

Now, I don’t remember where I searched for them. The only thing I still remember is that I was a soon-to-be linux fanboy, so I used the ‘linux’ keyword and expected to find something. What else would I listen to at the time?

This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. Period. Oh, I couldn’t understand much of it. Only a few words. My English listening wasn’t such good in those old days (~September/October 2012, somewhere near it). I still watched some TV Series with English subtitles at the time (nowadays I don’t). However, I still listened to it. I really enjoyed those three guys talking (Mark, Seth and Chris). And I still enjoy it, serendipity proves that searching for linux wasn’t a bad idea at all. Context: this podcast isn’t really about Linux. It is more like “life in the context of linux”: the three friends (four, I include myself too!) talk about their everyday lives, happenings in its country, bacon hahahaha aaaaand pretty much everything. It is a nice way to get informed about the culture of the United States and to get updated about the adventures of the three friends (there are so many things they talk about…from their old devices (Mark knows what I’m referring to) to their family).

First episode I referred to was episode #66. Now, there are about 160 episodes. The thing is, I listened to almost all of them. Probably have skipped one or another, but this is definitely more than 250 hours with those guys. Pretty nice, huh?

I’ll continue this new series later, with concise tips about podcasts, and tell you about other podcasts that I enjoy.

Everyday Podcasting – #1