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Update (2014-07-15): — Thanks Ramon for pointing me out this additional source.

Completing one year since Snowden’s whistleblowing over the NSA, some folks out there decided to launch a campaign called Reset the Net.

Its principle is very simple: let’s encrypt everything!

Since this is not always straightforward, I’ll list here some tools I’ll try for the next days. I strongly encourage you to do the same. This is not only about the privacy itself; but it is also a opportunity to learn new ways to do new things.

First: if you want to follow my suggestion, but skip through my personal list, feel free to go upstream and choose your own tools.


Secure messaging

I’m trying RedPhone and ChatSecure; I tried TextSecure once. The point here is to use something to encrypt your communications over the web. You should notice Facebook Chat is not a secure channel (neither WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype…).

Telegram also has a secure chat feature and can be used as a replacement for WhatsApp.

Mailing Lists / E-mails

I strongly encourage the use of OpenPGP to sign e-mails – and, if you send many e-mails to a specific person, that you two also encrypt them. I created two posts here with several references and motivations to use this tool. First and second one (they are in portuguese).

Today I use it to sign e-mails I send to mailing lists. Unfortunately, nobody in Brazil that I know uses OpenPGP, so it only makes sense to me to use it in a context where people at least know what a signed e-mail is.

Password Managers

I don’t like the idea of your web browser managing your passwords – this applies both to Firefox and Chromium. I prefer to use a external tool to do that. There are several ones available: I recommend LastPass and KeePassX. For OS X, there are even more, like MasterPassword.

Two factor authentication

If you have a smartphone, then just use 2auth! There are no excuses for not using it. At least use it in your most important accounts – nowadays, probably Google, Facebook and Dropbox. I also use it for other services, but these three are the most important ones.

Encrypting Facebook Messages

I just found this amazing browser extension called CryptoCat. Oh man, just install it then send me a message through Facebook using it. I thought a tool like this would never be available.


Now, please just visit the upstream URL of the project and pick up what matters to you. My goal wasn’t to duplicate its contents here, but just to select some tools from its list – also, you might notice I’ve listed other tools not available there.

Some add-ons I described in this post are still relevant.

That’s it people. Of course, if you want to contribute, just leave a comment saying which tools you like or use.

Privacy / ResetTheNet Paradise