Portable (really!) dotfiles

In the past, I tried to make my dotfiles more accessible. I’m not sure if I achieved this at the time; anyway, yesterday I reorganized them all and made them truly portable.

I would create my own methods to do that, however I hate reinventing the wheel, so fortunately I stumbled upon dotfiles.github.io, which led me to the awesome Thoughtbot’s rcm. Actually, I already have stumbled upon rcm before, but I didn’t care about it at the time.

Anyways, after adopting it, I can say it is really nice and I do recommend it. Also, it should be portable across several (if not all) unices.


To clone my dotfiles in a new machine, it is just a matter of:

  • git clone the right repo (https://github.com/thiagowfx/dotfiles)
  • have the rcm tools in your system — either through a package, or compiled in a local directory temporarily (it uses the autotools toolchain)
  • $ rcup

In fact, I could have included the rcm tools in my dotfiles repo too, but I decided not to do that, at least for now. Also, there is a Makefile in there which automates the process for the lazy ones (-; — except about the part of getting/compiling rcm.

Portable (really!) dotfiles